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Any Type Of Lighting. One Control.

Halo30 Lighting Control System

The Halo30 Range

A simple to use lighting control system for all types of lighting. The Halo30 system just needs a receiver to connect to the lighting, and a switch. You can choose the type of switch you would like - Smartphone App, Wall Switch or Hand Held Remote. Easy to install, easy to use.

Control Options

Wall Controller

Wall Mounted Touch Panel

Choose from wired or rechargeable versions.

Wall Controller

Handheld Remote Control

Black or white, for both RGBW & Colour Tuneable

Wall Controller

Smartphone App

Control over WiFi using your phone or tablet.


Only One Control

Luxa features a simple pairing system that allows you to operate many different receivers of different types from the same device. It takes seconds to pair the units together and create scenes with different types of lighting.

Automatic Repeating

The receivers have an auto repeat feature meaning if you have a long run of LED Strip that you wish to control, they do not have to be physically connected together as the signal will be repeated between linked units.

Rechargeable Wall Switches

These neat touch panel switches require no wiring or physical connection to the receivers. They are easy to recharge using a standard mini USB charger, a phone charger is perfect. The charge will last for approx 6 months.

App Control

Using our WiFi relay you can use your smartphone to control all receivers at once, including RGBW, single colour and even digital addressable LED strip. The free app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.




4 channel constant voltage. Can be used as 4 x 3amp for RGBW or four separate single colour strips, 2 x 6amps for colour temperature adjustable or one single 12amp output for single colour.

Features easy pairing to controllers, auto repetition to link to extra RCV units.


Single channel constant current operating at 350ma. 12amp output for single colour lamps

Handheld Remote Controls


Single Colour 4 Zone with three programmable scenes


RGB/RGBW with four programmable scenes


Colour Temperature Adjustable with four programmable scenes

WiFi Relay

Acts as a bridge between the receivers and your wi network (H3-Bridge)

Power Supplies

Luxa can operate in a mixed voltage environment – the receivers will work at 12v or 24v and the same controller can control both at the same time

Wall Controllers

Choose from wall-mounted or rechargeable styles; both offer wireless communication with the receivers.

The wireless wall controllers have built-in rechargeable lithium Ion batteries which are recharged via a mini USB port on the side of the unit. The unit is removable for easy charging and has a standby time of 6 months. They will operate over a distance of 20m and can be used to control multiple receiver units.

Power type Single colour CCT RGB/W
Rechargable HS-WS-1 HS-WS-CCT HS-WS-RGBW
220v input required HS-WS-1-W HS-WS-CCT-W HS-WS-RGBW-W