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LED Strip

ProStrip 24v

ProStrip 24v Range

Perfect for projects & high specification installations

A 24v Professional Grade range covering commercial and residential installations with specialist products for the film and TV sectors. Long run lengths and high specification

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ColourStrip 24v

ColourStrip 24v Range

RGBW multi-colour for vivid and pastel colours

RGBW offer a much great range of colours than simple RGB - pastel colours and and true whites. Use ColourStrip with the Halo30 control system and bring rooms to life. 

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TuffStrip Pro 24v

TuffStrip Pro 24v Range

Fully encapsulated, suitable for indoor or outdoors

Fully encapsulated LED strips for all sectors, from kitchens to outdoor installations. Tough and robust with a 20m max run length, solder free push fit connections and quick mounting systems. 

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TradeStrip 12v

TradeStrip 12v Range

12v LED Strip - Perfect for Kitchens and Bathrooms. Simple and effective, ideal for contractors

Cost-effective and reliable, perfect for small works in both IP21 and IP65 versions. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where you need and easy to install, reliable solution. GRIPPA solder free connectors make connection easy and reliable. A complete system including mountings and controls all designed to produce stunning results. 

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PixelStrip Range

Digital addressable LED strip with individually controllable chips for dynamic effects.

With PixelStrip, each set of LED's is individually addressed to create stunning patterns or effects from colour chasing through to video mapping. We can offer full solutions for all kinds of creative installations ranging from small scale systems with stand alone control systems, through to embedded "fit and forget" assemblies, right through to larger scale projects built around the Enttec range of controllers. 

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