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DIN Rail Mounted 4CH Constant Voltage Receiver

  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • Works with all kinds of LED Strip - Single Colour, RGBW or CCT
  • Links to remote controls, wall switches and APP


Operating Voltage 12-24 V
Max Output Current 4 * 5 A
Warranty 3 years
Dimensions 172*53*27 mm
No of Channels 4
Product Code: H3-RCV-CV-DIN

A DIN rail mounting version of the Halo30 constant voltage receiver. 

The heart of the Halo30 system, a versatile 4 channel receiver unit which is connected to any low voltage, constant voltage lighting product such as LED strip.

Because it has 4 channels it can be used to control all types of LED Strip - up to 4 sets of single colour, 2 sets of colour temperature adjustable or a single piece of RGBW.

Each channel can handle up to 5 amps which means that you can run long lengths of any type of LED Strip safely and reliably.

It's easy to set up and pair to other items in the Halo30 range - just press 2 buttons on the receiver, and then one press on the chosen controller and that's it.

You can choose from a hand held remote, a wall mounted touch panel switch or Smartphone control - Halo30 is desgined so you can use any or all of the control options as best suits you. 

Compatible items : 

RGB/RGBW Systems :   

Wall Switches          -      H3-WS-3-AC, H3-WS-3-R
Remote Control       -      H3-RM-3
APPlink                     -      H3-APPLINK

Single Colour System

Wall Switches     -       H3-WS-1-ACH3-WS-1-R
Remote Control  -       H3-RM-3
APPlink               -        H3-APPLINK

Colour Tuneable System

Wall Switches     -       H3-WS-2-R
Remote Control  -       H3-RM-3
APPlink               -        H3-APPLINK