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Universal 4 Zone Remote control - works with single colour, CCT and RGB/W

  • Works with any type of receiver - mix & match as required.
  • Control 4 individual zones or set 2 different scenes
  • Control multiple Halo30 receivers
  • Generous 30m operating range


Operating Voltage 2 * AAA (supplied) 3 V
Dimensions 122*53*17.5 mm
Operating Range 30 m
No of Zones 4
No of Scenes 2
Product Code: H3-RM-3

A flexible and easy to use remote unit which can be used to operate all types of lighting.

This includes Colour Changing, Colour Temperature Adjustable and Single Colour products - all from the same remote. This is a 4 zone product and it is possible to have different types of lighting in each zone - so for example, zone 1 might be single colour LED Strip, zone 2 could control RGBW Led Strip, zone 3 set to control mains voltage lamps whilst zone 4 could be colour temperature adjustable.

Within each zone you can link several Halo30 receivers and control them easily and quickly. 

You can also set 2 different scenes - (a scene is a combination of all 4 channels) - this way you might choose to have a "dinner" mode and a "cleaning mode" where the lighting is set very differently for each scene.

Very simple to pair with Halo30 receivers - just set the receiver to pairing mode and press the zone key you wish to pair to the receiver - the green light will flash and that's it!