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ColourStrip Compatible Products

Halo30 Lighting Control System

Simple to use and install and yet powerful and flexible, Halo30 allows you to create multiple zones with different types of lighting in rooms large or small. Easily create scenes to reflect your mood and then control them in a way to suit you - choose from hand held remote, wall mounted switches or a Smartphone App.

Accessory Product Code
Wall Switch. RGB/RGBW 4 Zones H3-WS-3-AC
Universal 4 Zone Remote control - works with single colour, CCT and RGB/W H3-RM-3
Receiver - 4CH Constant Voltage H3-RCV-CV
DIN Rail Mounted 4CH Constant Voltage Receiver H3-RCV-CV-DIN
DMX to SPI Convertor H3-DMX-SPI

Power Supplies

Reliable and proven power supplies - designed for continuous use with inbuilt safety resets.

Accessory Product Code
PowerHub 150w Power Supply and Bluetooth Controller PH-150-BT-R
PowerHub 150w Power Supply and RF Master Controller PH-150-M
PowerHub 150w Power Supply and RF Slave Controller PH-150-S
Powerhub 150w Power Supply and Amplifier PH-150-AMP

ColourStrip RGBW Accessories

Accessories for our ColourStrip RGBW LED strip lighting range. 

Accessory Product Code
10cm Corner Cables For ColourStrip RGBW LED Strip CSC-C10
2m Connecting Cable for ColourStrip RGBW LED Strip CSC-C200

Why ColourStrip?

Commercial Grade

Triple layer PCB provides better thermal management for longer life spans and prolonged performance.

Wide Colour Range

The addition of a pure white LED chip allows for limitless colour mixing including pastel shades.

Solder Free Cabling

Cut ColourStrip to size and join together using our range of lengths of solderless joining cables.