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ColourStrip 24v

RGBW offer a much great range of colours than simple RGB - pastel colours and and true whites. Use ColourStrip with the Halo30 control system and bring rooms to life. 

ColourStrip 24v Compatible Products

Halo30 Lighting Control System

Simple to use and install and yet powerful and flexible, Halo30 allows you to create multiple zones with different types of lighting in rooms large or small. Even the most basic Halo30 setups allow you to create and control Zones or Scenes to provide dimming or colour selection according to the type of lighting you have. 

To create a basic system you will need 2 elements:

  1. Receiver units connected to each set of lighting you wish to control
  2. A control unit - this can be a wall switch or remote control (or both)

If you then want to add more sopistication by adding Smartphone control then you just need to add an APPLink and download the free APP. Learn more about Halo30 Controls >

LED Mounting Channels.

All our mounting systems are supplied in 2m lengths. For the best diffusion and easiest installation, take a look at the EasiMount System which suits all our LED Strip products. It is available with corner pieces, link covers and end capsand when used with 120LED strip it offers perfect diffusion.

We can custom make linear LED lights to your specific requirement using any of the profiles and will be happy to suggest the most appropriate LED strip for you.

Accessory Product Code
EasiMount LED Strip Mounting System EM

Power Supplies

Reliable and proven power supplies - designed for continuous use with inbuilt safety resets, these meet all current safetly standards and have exceptionally long MBTF (Mean Time Between Failure)

Why ColourStrip 24v?

Commercial Grade

Triple layer PCB provides better thermal management for longer life spans and prolonged performance.

Wide Colour Range

The addition of a pure white LED chip allows for limitless colour mixing including pastel shades.

Solder Free Cabling

Cut ColourStrip to size and join together using our range of lengths of solderless joining cables.