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With PixelStrip, each set of LED's is individually addressed to create stunning patterns or effects from colour chasing through to video mapping. We can offer full solutions for all kinds of creative installations ranging from small scale systems with stand alone control systems, through to embedded "fit and forget" assemblies, right through to larger scale projects built around the Enttec range of controllers. 

PixelStrip Compatible Products

Pixel Controllers

If you are using addressable LED strip then you will need a control system. Control can be via a DMX console in which case you will require a DMX to SPI interface to bring the strips to life.

If, however, you want a self contained system then look at the APPLink-SPI - this is a wifi enabled device which will link to our free APP on your smartphone and allow you to create your own patterns on the LED Strip.

Accessory Product Code
Applink for SPI H3-APPLINK-SPI
PixelStrip Controller Set H3-RCV-SPI
SPI Addressable Signal Splitter H3-SPLT-SPI
DMX to SPI Convertor H3-DMX-SPI

Why PixelStrip?

Easy Assembly

Simply cut TradeStrip to size and clip the pieces together using our range of connecting cables.

Ideal For Kitchens

A durable PU coating makes TradeStrip splash and knock-proof, great for plinth & cupboard lighting.

Solder Free Connectors

Easily create custom-sized joining cables without soldering using our GRIPPA connectors.