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TuffStrip2 Compatible Products

Halo30 Lighting Control System

Simple to use and install and yet powerful and flexible, Halo30 allows you to create multiple zones with different types of lighting in rooms large or small. Easily create scenes to reflect your mood and then control them in a way to suit you - choose from hand held remote, wall mounted switches or a Smartphone App.

Accessory Product Code
Wall Switch - Single Colour 4 Zones H3-WS-1-AC
Wire Free Rechargeable Single Colour 1 Zone Switch H3-WS-1-R
Universal 4 Zone Remote control - works with single colour, CCT and RGB/W H3-RM-3
Receiver - 4CH Constant Voltage H3-RCV-CV
DIN Rail Mounted 4CH Constant Voltage Receiver H3-RCV-CV-DIN


Easy to install dimming for single colour LED strip lighting.  These units are installed on the low voltage sie between the power supply and the LED strip.

You can choose from 1 to 1 types where a single remote controls a single length of LED strip, or 1 to many, where a single remote controls multiple receivers.

Accessory Product Code
Single Colour RF Dimmers and Remote - 1 to Many operation DIM03-1-M
Single Colour RF Wireless LED Strip Dimmer - 1 to 1 DIM03-1-1

Power Supplies

Reliable and proven power supplies - designed for continuous use with inbuilt safety resets.

Accessory Product Code
Power48 48W 12V Power Supply POWER48
PowerPro 40W 12V Power Supply for LED Strip Lighting POWERPRO40-12

GRIPPA Connectors

Easy to use Solder Free connectors. which provide a strong and reliable joint which does not pull apart. We have GRIPPA's to suit most of our LED Strip types and they are available in both Strip to Wire and Strip to Strip formats.

All you need are a pair of pliars to cut the cable to length and then to firmly close the cap and lock it in place. With GRIPPA you can easily create a neat, customised installation with cables of the correct length. They work both with uncoated  or PU coated strips like TuffStrip2, as the pins pierce the PCB to make a good electrical contact whilst the top section is shaped to fit over the coating.

Please note that GRIPPA connectors do not fit all our Aluminium Profiles - we indicate which are suitable on the product pages.

Using Grippa Connectors



Accessory Product Code
GRIPPA IP65 10mm LED Strip To Wire Connector for TuffStrip2 GRIPPA-SW-10-IP65
GRIPPA IP65 10mm LED Strip To LED Strip Connector for TuffStrip2 GRIPPA-SS-10-IP65

TuffStrip2 Accessories

Accessories for our TuffStrip2 range of LED strip lighting. 

Accessory Product Code
TuffStrip2 Self Adhesive Mounting clips SA-MC
TuffStrip2 - Y Splitter TS2-YS

Why TuffStrip2?

Easy Assembly

Simply cut TuffStrip2 to size and clip the pieces together using our range of connecting cables.

Ideal For Kitchens

A durable PU coating makes TuffStrip2 splash and knock-proof, great for plinth & cupboard lighting.

Solder Free Connectors

Easily create custom-sized joining cables without soldering using our GRIPPA connectors.