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ColourStrip RGBW PU Coated Led Strip | 24v. 15w RGB + Cool White

  • ColourStrip RGBW PU Coated Led Strip | 24v. 15w RGB + Cool White


RRP £15.00
500 in stock


Operating Voltage 24
Colour Temperature of White 5800k
PCB width 12mm
Line Order B, R, G, W, +24v
Max Run Length 10m
Adhesive Type 3M VHB
Coating PU
Datasheet PDF


PU Coated with Pastel Colours & True White LED

A standard RGB system is fine but the range of colours is limited and if you want to have a simple white then you will probably be disappointed by the result. By adding a true white chip to RGB means better colour control, more pastel colours, a much wider colour palette, as well as true white capability - the results are obvious, much greater subtlety and more effective light.

This version has a true cool white chip built into the LED and is PU coated for protection.

The high-brightness chip provides vibrant, bright and exciting colour output for maximum effect. A heavy-duty 3oz PCB means better thermal control for enhanced long- term reliability and a generous 10m single run length.

ColourStrip is available with a choice of white chip colours - warm white or cool white and you will need to add a control system to make it operate. Take a look at our HaloLED system - an easy to use system which links your RGBW strip to a choice of controls - hand held remote, wall plate or an app for your Smartphone. The combination of ColourStrip and HaloLED means you have full creative control over your system - find the exact colours you need and recall them instantly from a wall mounted touch switch, or set timers and functions from your Smartphone.



Certificate of Conformity
Photobiological Certificate Of Conformity
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