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Power & Control for HaloLED Atmosphere Colour

  • Power & Control for HaloLED Atmosphere Colour


RRP £99.00
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Operating Voltage 24v
Number of Zones 1
Number of Scenes 4
Warranty 3 years
Max Amps 6.0Amps / 150w
Cables Supplied HaloLED Mains input and 5 pin connector to Strip
Operating Range 15m
Compatible with APPLink Wifi Link Yes
Datasheet PDF


The heart of the ATMOSPHERE Colour system -  a fully integrated Interface & Power Supply, ready to plug into your Maxilux RGBW LED strip and to link with HaloLED Controls.

Everything is supplied to you pre-cabled and paired to the control of your choice meaning the system can be simply plugged together, turned on and used - straight out of the box!

We recommend that the maximum length of Maxilux RGBW strip controlled by the PowerHub is 10m. If the length is 10m or less then all colours including white will function normally with little change along the whole length. It is POSSIBLE to extend beyond 10m to as much as 25m, but whilst the red, green and blue will function acceptably along the whole length, the white and blended colours such as yellow will fade considerably past the 10m mark.

This unit is designed to be purchased at the same time as the LED Strip which means it will be supplied to you ready assembled and ready to fit with no configuration required.

The case has flanges for easy wall mounting and because it uses the Maxilux HaloLED Link system, you can extend the power input cables in seconds. If you don't wish to use a standard plug socket, then the plug can be cut off and the cable wired directly into a fused spur.

Your PowerHub is controlled by any of the standard HaloLED system controls or you can use the APPlink and control it via your Smartphone. You can add multiple controls if required -if you purchase them at the same time as your PowerHub then they will all be supplied paired and ready to use.

Set zones and scenes quickly and easily - HaloLED from Maxilux


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