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Remote Control for Adjustable White LED Strip

  • Adjustable White Halo Remote Control


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Operating Voltage 3v Battery (included)
Number of Zones 1
Number of Scenes 1
Warranty 3 years
Max Amps n/a
Cables Supplied n/a
Dimensions 139*36*11mm
Operating Range 20m
Compatible with APPLink Wifi Link
Datasheet PDF


Control multiple PowerSmart units.

An elegant, clean design featuring an off/off button and an easy to use  touch slider for smooth control of the white colour on your LED Strip.  It will also dim the LED Strip with all settings being retained in memory so that when you switch back on there is no need to reset the system.

Supplied with its own magnetic wall mount for convenient location.

Remember that you can pair multiple PowerSmarts to the same remote meaning that all individual parts of the installation will respond in the same way, at the same time even though they are physically not connected.

This unit is designed for use only with bi colour lighting systems whilst the CR2032 battery will last for around 1 year.

Safety Standards :

EMC - EN301 489, EN62479
LVD - EN60950
RADIO - EN300 328



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