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Remote Control Universal with 4 zones and 2 scenes

  • RGBW Halo Remote Control

(Discontinued) H3-RM-3

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Operating Voltage 3v Batteries (supplied)
Number of Zones 4
Number of Scenes 3
Warranty 2 years
Max Amps N/A
Cables Supplied N/A
Operating Range
Compatible with APPLink Wifi Link
Datasheet PDF



A flexible and easy to use remote unit which can be used to operate all types of HALOled lighting and control.

This includes Colour Changing, Colour Temperature Adjustable and Single Colour products - all from the same remote. This is a 4 zone product and it is possible to have different types of lighting in each zone - so for example, zone 1 might be single colour LED Strip, zone 2 could control RGBW Led Strip, zone 3 set to control mains voltage lamps whilst zone 4 could be colour temperature adjustable.

Within each zone you can link several HALOled interfaces and control them easily and quickly. 

You can also set 3 different scenes - (a scene is a combination of all 4 channels) - this way you might choose to have a "dinner" mode and a "cleaning mode" where the lighting is set very differently for each scene.


Very simple to pair with HALOled interfaces - just set the receiver to pairing mode and press the zone key you wish to pair to the receiver - the green light will flash and that's it!



Certificate of Conformity
Certificate of Conformity
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