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100w 12v Power Supply

  • 100w PSU 12V With DC Jack Output


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Wattage 100 W
Current 8.33 max
Output Voltage 12 V
Inrush current
PF (Power Factor) Screw Terminals
IP Rating IP20
Input Voltage Range
Dimensions 180mm*64mm*32mm
Tc (max surface temp of unit)
Max recommended load
Datasheet PDF


100w 12v plastic case LED power supply with screw terminals. Non waterproof (IP21).

Designed for long term reliability and safety, this unit has built in protection against open-circuit, short-circuit, overload and overheating.

It is not mains dimmable, therefore if you wish to dim the LED strip you must place an inline dimmer on the low-voltage side, between this power supply and the strip.

The primary/input end is marked with a Live and Neutral terminal to connect to a 100-240V AC current input. The secondary/ output side also features screw-terminals to connect directly to an LED strip assembly.

It is SELV marked and has Class II Protection to guard against electric shock from direct and indirect currents with a fail-safe transformer. Double-insulated and suitable for installation or attachment to furniture.




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