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100w 24v Power Supply Slimline

  • Slimline 100w PSU 24v


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Wattage 100 W
Current 4.16 A
Output Voltage 24v
Inrush current 65amps max
PF (Power Factor)
IP Rating IP20
Input Voltage Range 100-240vac
Dimensions 320*30*20mm
Tc (max surface temp of unit)
Max recommended load 75w
Datasheet PDF


A super slim version of the established PowerPro100 - designed for mounting internally in light boxes or aluminium profiles to create discreet, low voltage solutions.

Designed for long term reliability and safety with a mean time between failure or> 100000 hours, this unit has built in protection against open-circuit, short-circuit, overload and overheating. It is not mains dimmable, therefore if you wish to dim the LED strip you must place an inline dimmer on the low-voltage side, between this power supply and the strip. The primary/input end is marked with a Live and Neutral terminal to connect to a 100-240V AC current input. The secondary/ output side also features screw-terminals to connect directly to an LED strip assembly. It is SELV marked and has Class II Protection to guard against electric shock from direct and indirect currents with a fail-safe transformer.



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