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Waterproof 100w 24v Power Supply IP67

  • PowerPro 100w 24v Power Supply IP67


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Wattage 100w
Current 4.16amp
Output Voltage 24v
Inrush current 65amps max
PF (Power Factor) Cables prefitted
IP Rating IP67
Input Voltage Range 170-250v AC
Dimensions 188*68*39mm
Tc (max surface temp of unit) 40c
Max recommended load 55w
Datasheet PDF


A waterproof, IP67-rated 100w 24V TuffStrip Pro power supply - perfect for outdoor use or for wet indoor areas. Unaffected by humidity. Solid aluminium construction and fully encapsulated, this unit features generous input and output cables for easy installation.

Supplied with a 1m power cable on the input side, and an IP65 plug and lock connector set for the output side to allow and easy and watertight connection to the LED Strip.




Certificate of Conformity
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