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Advantage Cool White LED Strip | 24V | 9w

  • ProStrip DB2 Solderless LED Strip | 24V 9w Cool White 6000K (Per Metre)


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Operating Voltage 24v DC
Wattage per metre (max) 9w
LED Density 120 per metre
Cut Points 50mm
Colour Temperature 6000K
CRi >80
Lumens 1000
L70 >36000 hours
Approvals IEC61347-2-13 IEC55015
Datasheet PDF


Solder Free for Quicker, Easier Installation.

- Quicker, easier, better.

A revolution in LED strip design -Advantage has been created with you, the user, in mind to make installation & maintenance both quicker and easier. The on-board connectors mean that soldering or connection systems become a thing of the past - just strip the cable, twist the wire and push into the on board connector! 

- Corners made easy - no bending or twisting

Corners are no longer a problem - it doesn't matter whether the strip is mounted flat or vertically, just mount the strip on the walls, align the edges near the corner and complete the corner joint using a piece of solid core wire which is easily pushed into the connectors. This produces a neat and simple finish with no twisting or bending of the LED Strip.

- Simple power input - anywhere along the length

The offset LED's mean that the cables can be run along the face of the Advantage Strip without interfering with the light or, alternatively, you can choose to introduce power anywhere along the length of the strip - it really is that easy.




- Easier maintenance - replace sections in minutes

In the unlikely event of a problem with an installation, then Advantage is easier and quicker to repair. There's no need to remove the whole length, just cut out the affected section, add a new piece in the gap and then reconnect the power using simple wire links. The on board connectors mean it is a few minutes work and there is no need to disturb the rest of the length saving you time and money.

- Commercial grade - thicker PCB & 3M VHB tape

The basic strengths of the ProStrip range remain - that is a heavy duty PCB for optimised thermal control and a generous 10m single run length as well as the excellent 3M VHB (very high bond) adhesive tape to provide a lasting adhesive joint with no delamination, to provide the complete package. Reliability and long term performance are guaranteed with a lumen maintenance figure of > 96% after 6000 hours of use.


Recommended Cable

The on board connectors are easiest to use with a solid core cable - we stock a 0.75mm 2 core in 2m packs (code 19-75-2-SC). It is possible to use a 0.5mm or 0.75mm stranded cable but please ensure the cable ends are well twisted and there are no free strands which might cause a short circuit. You can also use solder free GRIPPA connectors - these are better if you wish to use a stranded cable - part code GRIPPA-SW-10-IP20.




Dimming and control

Advantage DB2 is fully dimmable using 0-10v, DALI & DMX protocols and is compatible with lighting control systems such as RAKO, Lutron and Crestron (requires appropriate interface) or use our HaloLED control system - an integrated room scale lighting control system offering zonal control and scene setting with a choice of control types including a smartphone APP.


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Available in Warm White (3000k), Natural White (4200k) and Cool White (5800k)

The product codes are 

3000k Warm White   : PS120-30-DB2
4200k Natural White : PS120-42-DB2
5800k Cool White      : PS120-58-DB2


Certificate of Conformity
Installation Instructions
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