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PixelStrip RGBW, 12v, 60 LED, UCS2904, Black PCB

  • PixelStrip RGBW, 12v, 60 LED, UCS2904, Black PCB


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Operating Voltage 12v
LED Strip Width 10mm
IC Type UCS2904
LED Density 60
No of LED's per pixel 3
Coating PU
Adhesive 3M
Wattage 19w/m
Datasheet PDF


3 LED's per pixel, 20 pixels per metre.

A 12v Pixelstrip with 60 LED's per metre on a black PCB. Each addressable pixel comprises 3 LED's meaning this product has 20 pixels per linear metre. 

The LED has a low drive voltage which allows for environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness,  good consistency, low power, and long life. 

The drive IC is the well proven UCS2904. It has a 3 line construction with +ve, data and -ve.

If power and data are connected at one end, end the longest single recommended run length is 4m - if additional power is provided at the end of the strip, then the recommended maximum is 8m - the data signal is only required at one end.

This is a Digital product and must be used with an appropriate controller - it will not work by simply connecting 12v power.

Order Code : PX60-12V-RGBW


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