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Custom Digital Pixel Control

Digital addressable LED strip allows every LED to be controlled independently, enabling incredible moving effects. We can supply custom-made controls for our digital LED strip lighting, programmed to do exactly what you need.

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Complete Control

Bespoke controls with completely custom programming

We supply highly customised solutions for digital addressable LED strip. Generic controls are rarely suitable for creative projects, so we work with you to create bespoke systems that do exactly what you require. Purpose made controls are based around micro controllers that we code in house to achieve desired functionality. We can provide tailored controllers, external sensing, time-based input, internet connectivity and even custom 3D printing housings.

The picture to the left shows a floor-mounted walkover plaque that we produced a custom lighting and control system for. Controlled via a wireless remote, the user can select from a number of programs, including a 24h-clock mode which lights five-minute segments to indicate time, referencing an onboard crystal oscillator time chip.

Custom Colours and Patterns

Specify exact colour and effect requirements

Digital LED strip lighting doesn’t just excel for moving patterns. Our latest generation of PixelStrip has full RGBW colour mixing capability (Red, Green, Blue, White), allowing for a huge colour spectrum that includes pastel shades. Each LED can be controlled individually, enabling us to program exact colour gradients as in this infinity mirror project that we completed.

By arranging digital LED strip in a matrix layout, we can produce grids of LEDs to almost any shape or size that can be treated like a screen for image mapping. We can even supply HDMI input feeds to stream video as seen in the video below.

Watch PixelStrip In Action

AFISHAL’s DJ drum kit uses our PixelStrip to dynamically display anything from video to brand logos.